I just realized how very far behind I am on this blog. So, I am going to do a ocuple of layouts at at time until I catch up.

This is my layout for challenge five. As a part of challenge 5, we couldn’t use any pictures. This was the perfect time for me to tell the story of Valentine, the peach-faced lovebird that I got when I first married David. It’s a sad story, so you’ll have to click on the picture if you want to read the journaling,

This challenge scared me a little. For challenge six one of us, and it was me, had to choose one of our partner’s layouts, flip it and then rotate 45 degrees. We then had to use that as a sketch for our layout. I was really worried. But when it was done, I really liked it.

And this is Ginger’s layout that I lifted.

You can see the full credits for all of the layouts by clicking on the layout itself.