Okay, I am already behind on 30 Lists. I am not surprised. :O) I got behind last weekend and have yet to fully catch up. However, I did get three more lists completed, so I wanted to go ahead and share those. I’m hoping by not just waiting to get caught up to post that I will actually motivate myself to do more.

This first list is actually list seven. This was definitely the most difficult of the three lists I am sharing today. The prompt for list seven was to list ways you catch up with friends. Here’s the thing. I am extremely shy. Really it goes beyond just shyness. The end result is that I don’t have a lot of close friends. I almost skipped doing this list because I just had a hard time coming up with ideas. Finally, I was able to come up with a short list of three.

30 Lists March 2016 - List

List seven was created using Storyteller 2016 January Collection and 10 Day Countdown – Hash It Out Stamps from Just Jaimee. Font is Cooper Std.

List eight was much easier. I am a sucker for lots of things. What I can’t decide is if my biggest weakness is the color red or cute puppies. I am totally a sucker for a cute puppy but I am apt to love almost anything in the color red. It is a huge weakness. You’ll notice that I am not insane enough to say I would actually fix my own bicycle. I just need to take it to one of the local bicycle shops.

30 List March 2016 - List 8

This list was created using Mad for Plaid Papers from Sahlin Studio, Drama Queen Magic from Valorie Wibbens, We Challenge You #18 Alpha from Dawn Inskip, Storyteller 2016 February Elements and Storyteller 2016 February Alphas from Just Jaimee, Torn Paper Actions from Mommyish, Ripped and Torn Ephemera Alpha from Tangie Baxter, Rocking Cool Alpha from Pink Reptile Designs and Mid Mash Alpha Stash 4 from Captivated Visions. Font is Papyrus. (Yes, I made really good use of my large digi scrapping stash for this one.)

Finally for today, I have list nine. I’ll have to admit that I am not much for planning. Doesn’t mean I didn’t love a good planner, I was a huge Franklin Planner fan back in the day, I’m just not good at the actual planning. However, I do have a few things I’d like to have happen in the not so far distant future. Now to see how many actually happen.

30 Lists March 2016 - List 9

For this list I used Mad for Plaid Papers and Mad for Plaid Elements from Sahlin Studio, Handcut Bits V5 from Tracy Martin and Paper Tear Actions from Mommyish. Fonts are Snell Roundhand and Noteworthy.

Yes, I am currently obsessed with Mommyish’s Paper Tear Actions. When I was a paper scrapper, I loved tearing paper. It was easy, I liked the look of it on my pages and it was a great stress reliever. Thanks to Mommyish’s Photoshop actions, I can now easily achieve the torn look on my digi pages. Alas, running an action does not provide the same stress relief as actually tearing paper.

I will have to admit that the creation of these pages does not indicate a return of my scrapping mojo. None of them feel inspired. Really, they are very forced. But I am hoping this is a “fake it till you make it” kind of thing. Hopefully if I force enough pages, my creativity will return. I know I tried to put together a digi art journaling piece and that went nowhere.

That’s it for today. Until next time, don’t forget to document your memories.