For awhile, I was extremely frustrated. I think I went a whole month without scrapping a single page. I was extremely frustrated and utterly uninspired. However, over the last week and a half, I’ve managed to create four layouts. So, it seems my scrapping mojo has returned. Thankfully! (And it’s a good think I CT for awesome designers, Merkeley Designs and Michelle Batton, who understand lost mojo.)

Without further ado, here are my four most recent layouts.

The photo in this layout was taken when David and I went to a Halloween fundraiser at a Montessori school where our friends’ children attended. David and I love having the opportunity to dress up for a change. Normally, when you don’t have children, all you do for Halloween is pass out candy (which I actually love doing) and it’s fun to do something different.

Everything in this layout created using This is Halloween
a collab kit from Michelle Batton and 4 Shades of Blue.

A couple of weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon, I was getting ready to let our dogs out when I saw these two cardinals flying around our screened in porch. (Needless to say the dogs had to return to our bedroom.) And they did not seem to remember how they got in, cause they were just freaking out. I propped the screen door open and went inside, but they still didn’t leave. They finally left when I went outside, stood at the back of the porch and hit on the screen a few times.

The scrapper in me could not let this moment pass without a few pics. So, before propping open the door, I grabbed my camera and took a few shots.

Almost everything used on this layout,
including the template, is from Merkeley Designs.
You can see a full list of credits here.

This layout is the one that really helped bring back my mojo. I was reading Michelle Batton’s instructions on using her blenders, trying to figure out where I had gone wrong, and the layout she used as her example just totally inspired me and I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my next layout. I am very proud of the way this layout came out. The two pics were taken when David and I went to the Ocala National Forest last year.

This layout created using Beth’s Basic Blenders
and September Days Revamped.
Both from Michelle Batton.

This is the last of my four recent layout (but not the last layout). I created this layout to try and force my mojo to return. It was another week before my mojo returned, so I am not sure how successful I was. However, I do like the layout. This picture was taken in front of Jamba Juice when David and I drown his mother down south to take a test for work.

Everything used in this layout is from Tracy Ann Digital Art.
You can see a full list of credits here.

Okay, I have one final layout to share. It’s not as recent as the others, but I still had to share. This layout was created for Merkee to help her create an album about her new puppy, Ginger. Well, I think my fur babies are the cutest things ever. However, I can readily admit that Ginger is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen. In fact, I’ll be doing one more layout of her cute self eventually.

Everything used on this layout
comes from
Ginger Snap by Merkeley Designs.

If you made it this far, I am impressed. I am just happy that I got some layouts scrapped and I wanted to share them with y’all.