My Canon XS.

I have loved taking pictures for as long as I can remember.   I’ve been in love since I got my first camera in the 80s.  It was a Kodak Instamatic that used 120 film and flash cubes.  Between the cost of the cubes, the film and for developing the pictures, taking photos was not cheap.  But I loved it then and have been in love ever since.  My current camera is a Canon XS that I got in 2008 when they were first released.  I remember how excited I was when it first arrived.  And I am still in love with that camera.

I love to take photos of anything that will give me a chance.  My dogs, my husband, flowers and any type of wildlife.  Really anything that I find interesting needs to be photographed as far as I am concerned.  That being said, I have developed an infinity for bird photography.  I absolutely love trying to get great shots of birds.  (I especially love photos of birds in flight.)  Luckily, living in Florida, gives me lots of opportunities to indulge one of my favorite pastimes.

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared any photos on my blog, other than the photos in my gallery.  (After successfully completing Project 52 in 2012, I blew it this year in about April.  But I will be going for it again in 2014.)   Today ends the photography draught, because I am going to share with you some of my favorite birds photos. (Clicking on any of the images will allow you to scroll through larger images.)

All of the photos, except for the photo of the Great Heron eating the fish, were taken with my Canon XS. The Great Heron photo was taken with the little Kodak Super Zoom I had before my Canon XS. That photo is actually one of my all-time favorites. Not because it is the highest quality photo I’ve ever taken, but what I managed to capture. First, I managed to get the shot at that perfect moment right after the bird caught the fish. Second, I actually managed to take the picture and not turn away. I am just not a “circle of life” kind of girl. But I got the photo and I love it. An extremely close second would be the photo of the Sandhill Crane. That picture was taken while the neighborhood pair where in my front yard.

Do you have a favorite among the photos I posted? Are you into photos and post your images online? If so, leave me a comment and let me know which photo is your favorite or leave me a link to your own gallery.

Hope everyone had a great Saturday! Until next time, don’t forget to document your memories.