Not for the first time, I am welcoming you back to my blog.  But this time, I think I have it.  I hope so, cause this final reworking required quite a bit of my time and I don’t really feel like doing it again.  lol

I started out on Blogger trying to create a blog where I could share a few thoughts and show you the layouts I had been creating and photographs I had taken.  Blogger was definitely the easiest format to use, but I was never very fond of the appearance.  And it always seemed to me that I would be able to do more if I just switched to WordPress.  So that’s what I did.

To begin my WordPress journey, I setup my domain with No Support Linux Hosting cause who doesn’t love paying just a $1/month for their website hosting.  And I was pretty happy.  I never got my site to look exactly as desired.  But I was pretty happy and probably would have stayed their but then one morning I woke up to find my entire blog gone.  They had decided to do a nuke and pave with no notice.  I was broken hearted.  Six months of content gone, including a really good post on the loss of Steve Jobs.  That is when I made my initial move to Squarespace..  

I am a big fan of podcasting and Squarespace sponsored two of my favorite podcasts, Tech News Today and All About Android, so I decided to give them a try.  They did automatic backups and after the loss of my previous blog, that definitely appealed to me.  And once again, I was initially quite happy.  But soon I found that I didn’t have the skills necessary to really customize my site as I desired.  And what I could do with their templates just was not working for me.  Especially when it came to displaying my layouts or photographs.  So I headed back to WordPress.  

This time I chose a new host, NameCheap.  By paying for a full year at once, I only paid about $6/month.  I was busy setting things up as I had before using an alternate domain while maintaining my Squarespace site.  I was setting it up much as I had before, but having problems even achieving the same level of happiness I had previously with WordPress.  During the process, I learned of the release of Squarespace 6.  It sounded good, and since I was not yet happy, I decided to check things out.  This time I found the tools I needed to create the site I wanted.  And that brings me to today.  

I want to welcome you to my redesigned site,  You can navigate the site using the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of every page.  Right now, you can view a welcome page, my blog, my favorite quotes and my digiscrapping layouts.  Eventually I will be adding photography plus who knows what else may arrive eventually.  I hope you like my new space.  If there is anything you’d like to see, please let me know and I will see what I can do.  I  hope to have you visit here on a regular basis.