As promised on Friday, I am back to share with you my latest layouts.  I have to admit, I am a little behind in sharing.  Just so much to do, both on the blog and off, and so little time.  But I am finally here to share with you some of my latest creations.

These first two layouts were both created for the HotFlash Designs creative team.

Heading Home with Bear started out as a real challenge for me.  I just could not pull a layout together that I really liked.  As a creative team team member, I want to create layouts that I like and that really show off the designer’s products.  And I was having a really hard time doing just that.  (In fact, if you could see the PSD file, you’d see a lot of brushwork that I decided did not bring attention to the product but rather the brushes I was using.)  But I persisted in trying new ideas.  By the time I was done, I ended up with a layout that I really liked.  Won’t be re-scrapping these photos after all.

These last three layouts were all created for Michelle Batton.  I think the first layout, although using one of my least favorite colors, may be my favorite of the three.  But it is hard to say.

That final layout showcases a bit of insanity from me.  Taken last year when David and i were at the Alligator Creek Preserve last year.  David pointed out the alligator to me so I could grab a photo and I just wanted the best photo possible.  So I wanted to get as close as possible and keep the tree between me and the gator.  David snapped this photo while I was positioning myself.  I finally came to my senses, quit inching forward and took my photos.  This is definitely not something I would recommend trying. lol

Looking at all these layouts, I am reminded of one of the reasons I scrap.  One day, hopefully many, many years from now, I will be gone.  I hope whoever looks at all these layouts will realize how much I love David.  Just looking at layouts featuring him makes my heart sing.

So, what is one of your motivations for scrapping?  Share with me in the comments below and I would love to see some of your work.  Just leave me a link and I promise to leave you some love.