After last nights huge disappointment in politics, I had to take a break today. I’ll have a new topic tomorrow, but for today I had to focus on something different. (Curious about my disappointment, read my Open Letter to My Republican Friends and it will become clear.) So today, it’s a little bit of digital scrapbooking.

Today, I have lists 14 – 16 from my 30 Lists project ready. This doesn’t me I am all caught up. It just means at least the latest lists are done.

For list 14 the prompt was to create a list of this week’s errands. I’ve gotten a couple of them accomplished. One is on hold until Monday (dry cleaning) and the other one I’ll be doing on Friday (dress shopping).

30 Lists March 2016 - List 14

The great thing about this list is that I actually enjoyed creating it. When I was done, I actually said to myself “that was fun”. Maybe I am finally finding the right track creatively.

This list was created using Kendra and Kendra Art Dolls from Rebecca McMeen, AJC 11 Apprentice Art Box Edition from Tangie Baxter and My Wish for You Backgrounds from Captivated Visions.  Fonts are SF Scribbled Sans & KG Tribeca Stamp

For list 15, the prompt was “Remember to…” With this prompt we were told to think outside the box. I’m not sure I did that but I did create a list and that is something. Right?

30 Lists March 2016 - List 15

I’ll have to admit this is my least favorite of today’s lists. I didn’t love the prompt and I think the page I created reflects that. But my goal this month is to move my creativity forward and since I have a page to share then I am moving towards my goal.

I created this list using Storyteller 2016 March Paints and from Just Jaimee. and Storyteller 2016 March Add-on Better Days Ahead & Storyteller 2016 March Add-on Better Days Ahead Journaling Cards from Just Jaimee & Valorie Wibbens.

That final list today was to create a list of things that energize me. This close to the start of Daylight Savings Time it’s hard to think of being energized but I do have a list. I think this page turned out cute. I had some fun creating this page and felt a little bit of that creative urge, although not as much as with list 14. I got out my Mommyish paper tear actions again for this one. Be expecting to see those a lot. :O)

30 Lists March 2016 - List 16

For this page I used Promise of Spring Elements, Promise of Spring Patterned Papers & Promise of Spring Solids and Watercolors from Meagan’s Creations, Brighter Days Woodgrain Pats from Bekah E Designs, Off the Beaten Path Edgers & Off the Beaten Path Hodgepodge from Mandy King, March 1st Glitter & Shimmer Styles from Alessandra Designs and Page Tear Actions from Mommyish. Fonts are Pea Virginia from Kevin & Amanda and Bradley Hand.

My blog is helping get out of my rut and forcing me to be a little creative. That’s good. But it’s all in short burst so that is it for today. Until next time, don’t forget to document your memories.