Why are some people so interested in using loopholes to get around rules? It happens all the time. In fact, I saw it happen at work yesterday. About a week ago, I specifically told a customer they could not make a specific type of post in our website forum. What was she doing exactly a week later. Trying to use a loophole she came up with to get around the rule. Well it didn’t work. I saw the post and now it’s gone. But I really think she could not believe that the post was not violating the forum rules. I really can’t. So why did she do it? Was it a test, to see if the post would be deleted. I don’t know. But it was very annoying and very disappointing. To me, if something is wrong, then it’s wrong even if you think you’ve found a loophole that will allow you to get buy with something. Am I wrong? Is that just an outdated concept? I don’t know, but I hope not.