Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my four legged and winged babies.  I can totally understand why someone would want to bring an animal in to their lives.  But before you do so, please make sure you are ready for the commitment.  Dogs and cats are amazing friends and they deserve our love and protection.

So many dogs and cats are without homes in this country.  My Sazume was found on the street by the humane society.  Never could you want for a nicer, sweeter dog.  Yet when she was 10 months old she was abandoned.  I’ve had my baby Sazume for seven years now and I cannot understand how anyone let this baby go.

My cat Lorenzo was kicked out of the house by our former neighbors.  This is an angel kitty, yet someone was willing to just abandon her to the streets.  I have no idea why.

And if you are looking for a pet, please visit your local shelter.  There are so many dogs and cats put down every day because there is no one to give them a forever home.  Bypass the pet store in the mall.  Those animals often come from puppy mills where the breeder dogs are so badly treated.  My Lady, who we lost to kidney failure in 2004, was a breeder dog rescued by animal control in Palm Beach County.  I still remember how happy she was to come home with us in 2003.  Alas we only had about 14 months with her.  And I am certain that she died so young, she was only seven, because of her poor treatment by the puppy mill owners.

I realize that there are occassions when someone may find they have no choice but to give up a beloved pet.  If that happens make sure you find your friend a good home where it will continue to be loved forever.

I wish I could save every pet in need of a new home.  But I can’t.  So please help me by really thinking through your deicision to bring an amazing animal in to your life.  And when you know you are ready, visit your local shelter and help an animal find a forever home.  Your new friend will thank you!