After today, I am hoping to be back to posting every day. :O) I much prefer presenting them that way. For today though, here are my pics since Friday.

This first pic was taken on Friday. This is the office where I work right as I got off work. I’m not real happy with the pic, but is the best of the ones I took on Friday. I was very disappointed in all the rest.

This pic from Saturday comes from a prompt I saw on another blog about taking a pic of the grocery store you shop at. This is the Publix we go to most often. It is a very fancy one with a fountain as you pull into the shopping center. This is also the only pic of all the ones I took that I liked.

The other day I posted hibiscus leaves. The pic from Sunday is of flowers from a hibiscus in the front yard. But not the one I took pics of earlier. I love taking pics of flowers in January cause it reminds me of why I love Florida.

Once again, I was at the end of the day and no pic. So, for today, you get a pic of the home depot closest to our house. It only opened a few months ago, but we are frequent visitors. Gotta love The Home Depot. :O)

And that catches me up on posting about the pics I’ve taken. I hope to do the layouts of the last two weeks this coming weekend. When I do, I’ll post them here.