Yes, i have been a very bad blogger.  I have been meaning to come over hear and make a few posts.  But then I get discouraged that I haven’t posted lately and so I post nothing.  Vicious circle.  But this is my week for breaking free of vicious circles, did for Project Life as well, and I am here with a post.  I am going to share with you my most recent Project 52 photos.

I have to admit that for weeks 13 and 14, I didn’t have a lot of choices.  I’ve been as bad about taking photos as I have blogging.  But I do have pictures for all three weeks, so without further ado, here they are.

Week 12

We planted five new hibiscus in our front yard recently.  This s the blooms on one of the plants.  I love hibiscus flowers, I think they are so gorgeous.

Week 13

Okay, I am bringing you more hibiscus blooms.  This bloom is from the plant closest to the plant shown in the previous photo.

Hibiscus Flower

Week 14

Admittedly, this is the most pathetic week so far this year.  I took like three photos and all of them were blurry.  But that’s the way things work out when you are in a hurry.  I decided to go with a picture I took of the countdown to the first session of General Conference as seen on our TV.  I spent eight hours watching Conference last weekend, so I thought it should be memorialized.  (I turned the photo to black & white to try and hide how truly bad it is. lol)

I appreciate you stopping by to check out my latest Project 52 photos.  I will return to posting on a more regular basis now.  (And taking much better pics.  Although there is a good chance that week 15 will be another hibiscus.)