Oreo S'moresWhen I heard that Nabisco was releasing a limited editon Oreo cookie and it would be S’mores flavored I was so excited. I love S’mores. I have since I was a kid. One of my favorite parts of Girl Scout camp was making S’mores. Needless to say I could not wait to try these cookies. I got my chance yesterday.

Now, I am a realist. I didn’t expect the Oreos to taste exactly like S’mores. That would be impossible without grilling a marshmallow and placing it along with a portion of a Hershey’s candy bar between two graham crackers. However, I did think that they could produce an Oreo that would remind me of S’mores. I’m afraid Nabisco failed miserably.

These cookies taste nothing like S’mores. Let’s start with the cookie itself. According to the cookie package, the cookie is supposed to be “graham flavored”. I don’t taste it. Maybe, I would say it’s vanilla flavored. However that doesn’t really seem right. To be honest, I’m not certain how to describe the flavor. I can say for certain that it does not remind me at all of a graham cracker.

The center is filled with two different cremes. One of them is definitely chocolate. The other is a white creme, but I am not certain if it is supposed to be marshmallow flavored or just the same as their normal filling. The reason being that the flavor of the white creme is so overpowered by the chocolate that it really only tastes like one flavor, chocolate.

The combination of the cookie and the cremes is not a bad combination. I am still eating the cookies and I think they taste good. They just don’t taste anything like S’mores. I think a better choice for a limited edition cookie would have been to create a new Double Stuff Oreo with the chocolate and vanilla cremes that Nabisco already uses in their Oreo and Chocolate Oreo cookies. I think that would be a much yummier combination than the one they created for their limited edition S’mores Oreo.