Yes, ADSR5 is almost over and I am so behind.  I feel bad.  I did so good at first.  But I forget sometimes how much time the challenges can take.  But before I am said and done, I will have posted all of the challenges to this blog.  I may not finish until after the race, but I’ll get it done.

Challenge 5 was hosted by Pretty Scrappy.  And here are requirements for the challenge as posted by the site.

The requirements for this challenge are fairly simple. Follow the guidelines being as creative as possible using the recipe below. You can incorporate other items into your layout, but you must use at least 6 of the items listed. Since this is the month of Valentine’s Day, your special challenge is to incorporate CHOCOLATE into your layout. So, 6 items in the recipe and chocolate!
* 1 ribbon * 1 tree
* 1 button * 1 staple
* 2 papers * 1 set of stitching
* 1 frame * 1 tag
* 1 flower * 1 alpha

This first layout is Roxy’s take on the challenge.  As usual, this is a wonderful layout.  And if I could make chocolates that looked like her’s, I’d make more of my own. lol

(You can find full credits for the layout here.)

This is my layout.  The chocolates are the Godiva Truffles my hubby gave me for Valentine’s day.  Godiva Truffles are so yummy.

(You can find full credits for the layout here.)

This was a fun challenge, because who hates thinking about chocolate?  Definitely not me. lol

Challenge 6 was a roadblock challenge and hosted by Scrappity-Do-Dah.  That meant only one of us had to do the layout.  For this challenge, that person was me.  I can’t give the exact description of the challenge, because it has already been deleted.  But it was a recipe challenge where you had to do include specific items in your layout.  Normally, I am a big fan of recipe layouts.  But this one was a little too regimented for my taste.  It was pretty exact for placement, etc.  However, I thought mine turned out okay anyway.

(You can find full credits here.)

But you know what, that is what a challenge is about. Doing things you would normally not do.  And making the best of it.  I think I did this with challenge six.