Gilmer Dan Newsome & Kathleen Caroline Aleander

Today begins the Family Proclamation Celebration.  To celebrate, I am participating in Instagram Great Gram Day. The purpose of Instagram Great Gran Day is to share a photo of one of your ancestors on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Your Blog or Google+. I am actually sharing photos of two people, my maternal grandparents Gilmer Dan Newsome (my paupa) and Kathleen Caroline Alexander (my grandma).


Gilmer Dan Newsome

My grandma and paupa lived with us when I was little. They came to live with us after my grandma had a stroke. For some reason. while I can picture them both, my memories of my paupa are much clearer.  I remember that he was a good cook.  I also remember him going with us to the park to play. I wish I could remember more about my interactions with my grandma. One thing is for certain, I know they both loved me very much.

Kathleen Caroline Alexander

Kathleen Caroline Alexander

My grandma and paupa passed away within a couple of months of each other in 1978. On July 4th, my paupa went to the gas station at the Texas/New Mexico state line, as gas was always cheaper in Texas, to fill up his car as he and my grandma were going to move to Arizona the next day to live closer to my grandma’s sister. He had a heart attack in his car at the gas station and passed away. My grandma was never the same after that and passed away in September.

I feel very blessed to have been able to know my grandma and paupa while they were still alive. And to actually have a few pictures of them. The first picture I posted is one of my favorites, because they look so happy together.

Have you been lucky enough to acquire any pictures of your ancestors? Or do you have any great stories about them? Please post them and link me up. I’d love to see/read them.