I know that in September, I mentioned how much I loved working on the 30 Lists Project.  And it is true, I totally loved it.  I still haven’t finished, but I totally loved it.  Well, now I am doing the December 30 Lists and I am enjoying it even more.  I think it’s because I found the perfect format for me.  In September, I scrapped 12×12 with plans to print at 8×8.  Well this time, I am doing 8.5×11 and I am finding it fits my needs perfectly.  And creating the pages goes so much faster.  Actually keeping up with the lists has made the project even more enjoyable.

Today, I am going to share lists 3 -6 with you.  I loved creating all of these lists and I hope you enjoy reading them.

First up is List 3.  For this list, the prompt was to create a list of things I due at this time of the year.  I used to have a lot of traditions surrounding the Christmas season.  I feel like a lot of them have gone away since I got married, but I do I have a few things I seem to do this time of the year.

This Time of Year - List 3

List 3 created using Festive & Bright and Festive & Bright Paint Freebie from Createwings Designs and Deck the Holidays: Stars & Hearts from Bella Gypsy

The List 4 prompt was to create list of things that we are happy to report. I decided to have a fun with the items on this list. They aren’t necessarily blessings, but just things that make me happy.  (And I just found a typo cause my dogs should be listed as the “cutest”.  Will go fix that later today.)

List 4 - December 2013 30 Lists

List 4 created using Artful Whimsy Handmade Mixed Media Papers, Artful Whimsy Painted Book Pages, Artful Whimsy Painted Ellies, Artful Whimsy Alpha, Artful Whimsy Paper Patches, Artful Whimsy Splatty Splats, Gesso Lovin’ Overlays, Tiny Dancer Alpha and Journal Junk Alpha from Crafty Button Designs

With List 5, the prompt was about traditions. I decided not focus on the Christmas season for this list. The reason being that I thought doing so would make it too similar to list three.

Traditions - List 5

List 5 created using Lifetime from Studio Rosey Posey

That brings us to my final list for today, List 6. For this list, the prompt was to create a list of books on your “to be read” list. That list is so long, I decided to narrow it down and only list books that I had already purchased for either my Kindle or on Audible. It also had to be a book that I had not already started. If I didn’t create some type of limits, it could have been a never ending list.

Books To Be Read - List 6

List 6 created using Novel, an OScraps collab

Are you a list creator? If so, what type of lists do you create? Leave me a comment and let me know how you feel about lists.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Until next time, don’t forget to document your memories!