First of all, elections nationwide are this coming Tuesday. So, no matter where you live, please take a few moments and go vote. It is so important that you do.

Now, if you happen to be from Florida or if you know someone from Florida, please urge them to vote against Prop 3 in Florida. Prop 3 is being advertised is as a means of saving our state Constitution. It’s not. Instead, it’s an attempt to take away the rights of Floridians to make important decisions regarding our state’s future.

It seems our legislature does not like to pass bills that the majority of Floridians support, such as the ban on Smoking, the Save our Homes act, a minimum wage increase and a limit on fees in medical malpractice suits. I know that the Save Our Homes act did not receive the 60% of votes required by Prop 3, even though more than 55% voted yes. Without this act, many long-time residents could no longer afford the taxes on their homes and would be forced out. You can view this Cener Stage blog to read an important article on Prop 3 from the Miami Herald.

I think it’s critical that Prop 3 does not pass. So, please consider and tell you friends to consider voting against Prop 3 in Florida on Tuesday, November 7th.